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Fiberglass Front Doors

If you are in search of an entry door that not only looks attractive but also offers superior insulation and increased security, then you are in the right place. Ambia Windows & Doors Inc, a reputed fiberglass door supplier provides premium quality fiberglass front doors that are customizable to fulfill your taste and preferences.

Our fiberglass front doors are highly durable and designed to bear the harsh climates, dings and dents.

Being an eminent fiberglass front doors supplier and installer in GTA, we ensure that you never need to be worried about rusting, denting or cracking once you give us the opportunity to install fiberglass front door at your home.

Fiberglass front door

Fiberglass front doors can be an amazing replacement to wooden doors. The main difference between wooden doors and our fiberglass doors is that unlike wooden doors our fiberglass front doors have no risk of getting affected due to excessive moisture. The components that are used during the manufacturing process of these doors are built to last long and let you live peacefully for years to come.

Fiberglass front door installation

During the fiberglass front door installation process, we use materials that are environment-friendly and skillfully block the outside air from entering inside that ultimately keeps your energy bills low. When it comes to advantages, fiberglass doors are no less than wooden entry doors. In addition to that these doors also come with a long life span, water-resistance capacity and better insulation properties.

At Ambia Windows & Doors Inc, we offer a superior fiberglass front door installation service in GTA and the surrounding areas. Our fiberglass door installation service guarantees customizable styles that will not only impress you but also perfectly fit into your home. Our experts are dedicated to giving our clients the most trustable, superior quality and affordable services. We provide fast and reliable service keeping the necessary details in mind to give you a durable and properly functioning door.

Why fiberglass front doors?

Fiberglass front doors can be an amazing addition to your home that offers multiple advantages over wooden and metal doors. They have the ability to replicate the appearance of wooden doors so nicely that even a door expert can find it difficult to differentiate between them. Here is the list of advantages that fiberglass doors come with:


The skin of fiberglass front doors is made of high-quality compression mould fiberglass which is resistant to bowing, cracking, splits and warping. In addition to that, fiberglass is also resistant to rust.

Superior performance

Fiberglass doors pass through a solid construction process that ensures rigidity and resistance to any kind of warping or bowing even under severe temperature. The best part of our fiberglass doors is that they are free of chlorofluorocarbon which makes it environment-friendly as well.

Design and texture

Fiberglass front doors come with a remarkably smooth finish with an original stained wood-like look. Our fiberglass doors offer a warm texture without compromising the quality. Besides this, it is also a low maintenance material.

Energy efficiency

Apart from windows, doors are also one of the major reasons for energy loss from drafts and poor insulation. We use 100% CFC free polyurethane foam in our fiberglass front doors that provide superior insulation.

Tight security

Our fiberglass front doors are known for their outstanding appearance and security. Each door is designed with a full-length steel reinforced wood lock block to offer enhanced security.


Unlike wooden doors, our fiberglass front doors are manufactured with Hydroshield technology, composite rails and stiles that ensure that these doors never absorb water. This also reduces the risk of these doors getting rotten or swollen due to moisture.