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Green Ontario Window Rebate Program

Green Ontario Window Rebate Program

Save up to $500 per window and up to $5000 In total with GreenON rebates!

Take advantage of the GreenON rebate program today!

We offer Most Energy Efficient High-performance windows which are designed to reduce energy loss, reduce or eliminate condensation, reduce and improve outdoor noise in addition to helping you save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs increasing your home comfort and resale value.

 Who Can Participate?

Ontario residents who live in a detached home, semi, or townhome are eligible for GreenON Rebates. Renters must have the written permission of the owner/landlord.

What is the GreenOn Rebate Program?

 Green ON Rebates for Installations of Most Energy Efficient High-Performance Windows are available through the Green Ontario Fund and cover $500 per window, up to $5,000 when you upgrade to Energy Star ‘Most Energy Efficient 2017’ rated windows. The rebate applies for each rough opening.

How it Works

 Ambia Windows and Doors will accommodate upgrading your windows with ease. We are a participating certified GreenOn contractor and we will submit the rebate application on your behalf. When your windows are installed, you submit your proof of purchase to the Green Ontario Fund and you should receive your rebate cheque in the mail within 4-8 weeks.

Windows and Doors

Replacing old windows and doors can give your home curb appeal. It can also offer additional security and improve energy efficiency of up to 30% year round. We have a great selection of window and door styles that best suits your home. How your new windows are installed is just as important as the type of windows you buy. A poorly installed window can allow drafts, noise, dust or even water leaks, resulting in costly damages. Be sure to choose a GreenON participating contractor.

Window Wise certified and Registered installations  

 Our trained and certified Window Wise installers have the skill and knowledge required to install your windows professionally. Every installation is certified and registered

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