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Benefits of Awning Windows

When looking to replace windows or looking for windows in your new construction home, it can be difficult to know which windows will suit your needs. Consider awning windows. Awning windows have many benefits.

One benefit is their ability to ventilate your home more effectively.

Awning Windows Add Style!
Every homeowner wants their home to be a neighborhood leader.Some may choose to make a statement with awning windows which can add style and a unique look that makes an “upscale” statement. While awning windows have been around for years, their design still provides your home with a sleek modern look. They give your home a touch of class, making any room instantly fresh and updated. When it comes to choosing the right windows for your home, there are numerous factors to consider. With awning windows, you can check off just about everything on your list of must-haves including ventilation, security and style.

Awning Windows Ventilation
With an awning window, you get better ventilation, and your view to the outside world is less obstructed. Unlike a picture window which offers you the view you want but not the ventilation benefits, awning windows offer both. Windows can be placed at the bottom of a fixed window or at the top. Your eye will be drawn to the center of the fixed window portion of the frame but you’ll still be able to ventilate your room and enjoy the flow of fresh air!


Awning windows are designed to offer better security. Since they only need to open a few inches, they are resistant to break-ins, even when open. Most awning windows are relatively wide, yet narrow in height. This design makes it difficult for an intruder to enter your home, which means the satisfaction of feeling safe is an important added value for your family.

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