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Wood Entrance Doors



Made of natural pine
Standard Height of 6’ 9’‘, but also available in 8′
Weathertight and equipped with tandem rollers and adjustable ball bearing steel wheels
Core-laminated Sash Panels that help eliminate warping

The Legend features smaller rails and stiles (2 1/2”) to let more light into your home for a more open, airy feel.

The Riviera patio door offers you a more traditional, timeless look with 4 1/2″ rails and stiles. Brass hardware is standard.
Aluminium-clad Door Frames in six standard colours
Multipoint Lock
High-performance Glass
Factory-installed Jamb Extension
Large Selection of Grille and SDL Patterns
Safety Fool Lock
Keyed Lock


Wood-Aluminum Entrance Doors

Wood aluminum – inside the natural, comfortable living atmosphere by wood, outside the easy care by aluminum glare.
Outside aluminum…

* Durable weather proofness
* Long-lived, high-quality, maintenance-free and wash and wear
* All RAL-colors possible
* Recycling-able material

…inside wood!

* Good isolating and thermal insulation
* Good indoor climate
* Wood surface suitably your interior arrangement
* Energy-saving and regenerating raw material

Garden Entrance Doors

Garden Entrance Doors


  • Jamb-hinged
  • Post-hinged
  • Two-panel-hinged: French door

Laflamme Garden Door has the following features and benefits:

  • Four brass hinges that provide a tight fit and ensure the door opens and closes easily
  • 6 1/2″ Crosspieces and 4 1/2″ Door Jambs that ensure a perfect balance between wood and glass
  • 6 9/16” Frame
  • Made of natural pine
  • Standard height is 6’ 9’‘ but it is also available in 8’ for an even more impressive view of your surroundings
  • Self-draining Sill
  • Lever-type Door Handle
  • Deadlock Hardware System
  • Multipoint Locking System


Options :

  • Aluminium-clad Door Frames in six standard colours
  • High-performance Glass
  • Wide Variety of Hardware Finishes (bright brass, antique brass, brushed chrome, etc.)
  • Factory-installed Jamb Extension
  • Large Selection of Grille and SDL Patterns

Wood Garden doors from Laflamme

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